Money Matters

Fun fact: campaigning is kind of expensive! I have been very lucky that my “$3 for Ward 3” fundraiser has given me the opportunity to buy 10 lawn signs and pay for a website. But design and printing and postage all cost money.

Back in the February worksession* a few folks raised concerns that there aren’t any town regulations around campaign financing. We were told that Cheverly never needed that and most municipalities have no regulations.

So I’m surprised to see so much concern now around candidates pooling resources or looking to other grassroots organizations for support with campaign materials.

The alternatives are for a candidate or her family to have a good deal of disposable income, or for a candidate to raise a lot of money from potential voters.

It might be because I pay more for childcare than I do for my mortgage, but it seems to me that narrowing our candidate pool to those who have a lot of money or those who have a lot of supporters/friends with money results in a race that is not super equitable and puts candidates (like me) who are a little strapped at a disadvantage. It also puts candidates in the position of feeling more indebted to some residents (who contribute more money) than to others. Is that a better scenario than having 4-5 names on the same door hanger?

Just my two cents! Pun very much intended.

*There are somehow no meeting minutes on Cheverly’s website for any meetings held in 2019, so I don’t have exact dates on this. I’m pretty sure it was February.