Lessons from Ward 4

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 4th Ward Civic Association’s monthly meeting. For anyone unfamiliar with the history of Ward 4 and its historical significance during and following the era of segregation, I urge you to read Fred Price Jr’s and Leila Price’s narrative here. From that page:

The Fourth Ward Civic Association was organized in 1960.  Its purpose was to identify and work on common issues affecting the community (Ward 4) and to stimulate interest and active participation in civic affairs.

The Fourth Ward Civic Association is still very much active and engaged today. At last night’s meeting, there were thoughtful and productive discussions about Public Works priorities, community policing, and traffic safety, among other issues.

While the Civic Association model is one that is unique to Ward 4 and its rich history, I like the idea of the Ward having the opportunity to come together face to face regularly to chat. Something like open office hours or informal meetings. Is this something my Ward 3 neighbors would be interested in? Let me know!

And thanks to the Fourth Ward Civic Association for this lovely video!

Nicole BrynerComment