Policing in Cheverly

The video from last night's Progressive Cheverly forum with Acting Chief Towers is worth watching. I really appreciate the steps that he is taking to improve transparency and accountability in the police force. As he mentions, it is incumbent on the town and its residents to help hold the force accountable.

As I did at the last PCAB (Police Chief's Advisory Board) meeting, I asked about the use of Stop and Frisk and the Terry Frisk. I will add some links at the bottom of this post but in short: there's a lot of concern about how these policies disproportionately impact people of color in communities nationwide.

You'll see in the video (if you get that far, it's toward the end) that I push back a little bit on the Chief's answer. I am not trying to be antagonistic; I truly believe it's important to have these conversations in the open, and to express concerns that I've heard from Cheverly residents in a public forum.

These concerns are not partisan. It is not partisan to advocate for equity and justice, nor is it partisan to care about the needs of all Cheverly residents. The majority of Cheverly's residents are people of color.

It is vital that town leadership is willing to ask difficult and probing questions. Access to a microphone--literal or metaphorical--is an awesome responsibility. With the support of my neighbors, I hope to not take that responsibility for granted.

If you have questions, compliments, or concerns about your past interactions with our police, let me know! Contact Nicole

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