April Newsletter Statement

Today all candidates for the upcoming elections were asked to submit a <350 word statement to be published in the April Cheverly newsletter. Since those newsletters sometimes don’t land in mailboxes until a week into the month, I decided to post my statement in full below. Thanks so much for reading!

Hello neighbors! I’m Nicole, a 5-year Cheverly resident passionate about community and ready to serve as Ward 3 Councilmember.


When I think about why I chose to run for Council, I think about the million ways I see Cheverly residents shine: during Cheverly Day and snowstorms, from Cheverly Village to CPRC, in Cheverly Station and Old Ward Four.  I think about the incredible generosity we extend to refugee families or during a federal shutdown. That spirit of service and community inspires me.


I firmly believe that all our residents deserve a voice in town decision-making, a clear understanding of town proceedings, and easy access to town services. As council member, I will accomplish this by prioritizing:


·      Service: The council should advocate for and represent their constituency. I will create mechanisms to ensure that Ward 3 residents will have prompt, helpful responses to their concerns, and have input on council business—from gym usage to future development.


·      Communication: I will promptly distribute meeting notes and announcements so Ward 3 will be informed and have opportunities to provide feedback. I will push for a redesigned town website and newsletter, and a clear process for service requests that includes tracking updates.


·      Accountability: Let’s be honest: the recent departures of our Town Administrator and Police Chief, while shrouded in silence and legalities, have shown us that Cheverly is not immune to scandal. Even with few details, it seems probable that for some time, two of our trusted town leaders behaved inappropriately, in ways that potentially misused tax dollars and actively harmed town employees and residents. That is unacceptable. I promise you that I will not hesitate to ask critical questions. I will insist on a level of oversight that, prior to 2017, seemed lacking on Council.


As Council Member, I will be a fierce advocate for every resident of Ward 3 and do the hard work to prioritize the interests of my constituents. To learn more about me—and my vision for Cheverly—explore www.nicolebryner.com or email brynerward3@gmail.com.  I look forward to seeing you around town and at the ballot box on May 6!

Nicole Bryner