My Platform

I am running because I have the skills, experience, and passion to serve Cheverly, with a focus on:



Council members must solicit input from all residents of our ward, and respond promptly to all concerns raised.


The town and its officials must demonstrate action and resolution on all issues raised, big and small.


Residents must have an easy and clear way to learn about town actions and updates.


The town must work for and with all residents, involving and empowering them.

  • Collect input from Ward 3 residents about upcoming Council votes to make sure our voices are heard

  • Provide Ward 3 with reports on all Council meetings and work sessions

  • Create an easy, reliable way to report issues, such as potholes and other safety hazards, with tracking and confirmation

  • Publish announcements of upcoming road work and construction

  • Review current policies regarding use of Town Hall and other town resources

  • Redesign town website to improve navigation and update information

  • Reimagine town newsletter to provide useful information on time