Support Nicole, Support Ward 3!

Cheverly has no guidelines for campaign fundraising—no prohibition against it, but also no requirements for reporting on it. This puts candidates in a bit of a pickle: use your own funds for expenses that come up (I’ve self-funded postcards and this website), or accept donations without a sanctioned procedure to ensure accountability.

I want to do more to promote my platform and reach out to neighbors, but up until now the lack of guidelines around fundraising has made me uneasy.

As a candidate who is dedicated to accountability and creative problem solving, here is my ask:

Three Dollars.

If you believe in service, accountability, and inclusion for Ward 3 and for Cheverly, and want to help make that happen, I would be so grateful for a $3.00 donation.

I am serious about the $3 limit. If you send me more, I will send it back. If you send multiple donations, I am only keeping one of them. I am committed to accountability, and a big part of that is making sure that campaign donations don’t impact my work on the Council. Since there is no accountability measure in place formally, this is my way of informally applying one.

What will I do with these three dollars?

  • Around 40 donations will allow me to purchase lawn signs.

  • If I reach more than 60 donations I can host a coffee and pastries meet-and-greet.

  • With additional donations I will create a mailer.

$3 for Ward 3. A small investment for a big result: representation on council that is service-focused, responsive, open, and collaborative.

Donate using PayPal with the button below. If for some reason you are unable to use PayPal, contact me directly. Thanks!

Because PayPal charges a fee per donation, if you’d like to donate $3.39 to cover the PayPal fee, please use this button: