What I Love About Cheverly


A small town feel with big city access

When my husband and I chose Cheverly while househunting 5 years ago, we knew we’d found a place that balanced a number of requirements that seemed at odds: a single family house with yard space, close to a metro and within the Beltway, within our budget, in an established but diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Our most important consideration was making sure we were always surrounding our kids and ourselves with people and experiences that didn’t just mirror our own. We love that Cheverly’s residents represent such a wide range of experiences and interests, races and ethnicities, abilities, socioeconomics, ages, and orientations. My activities in Cheverly, both formally with groups like Progressive Cheverly and informally with neighbor outreach and advocacy at a number of Council and board meetings, have always been in service of highlighting and championing this diversity.