Nicole Bryner Councilmember Ward 3

Nicole Bryner

Cheverly Ward 3 Councilmember


About Nicole

I'm a Cheverly resident, activist, mom, wife, and committed civil servant passionate about community. I've lived here for five years, and have been in the DC area since 2002. My 20 years of experience in the federal government and nonprofit sectors have taught me how to do a lot with a little, navigate red tape, engage with communities, and forge strong partnerships. I love problem solving, my family, and pizza.

There are so many things to love about Cheverly: its tree-lined streets, lovely caring neighbors, lively civic and social activity, and proximity to DC. This time of transition provides new opportunities for our town, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve all our residents in a transparent, accountable, and accessible way.


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The most important role of a councilmember is to be a voice and advocate for her constituents. I want to hear from as many neighbors as possible about what you would like to see happen in town. Please let me know what you’re thinking!


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What I Love About Cheverly


A small town feel with big city access

When my husband and I chose Cheverly while househunting 5 years ago, we knew we’d found a place that balanced a number of requirements that seemed at odds: a single family house with yard space, close to a metro and within the Beltway, within our budget, in an established but diverse neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Our most important consideration was making sure we were always surrounding our kids and ourselves with people and experiences that didn’t just mirror our own. We love that Cheverly’s residents represent such a wide range of experiences and interests, races and ethnicities, abilities, socioeconomics, ages, and orientations. My activities in Cheverly, both formally with groups like Progressive Cheverly and informally with neighbor outreach and advocacy at a number of Council and board meetings, have always been in service of highlighting and championing this diversity.